About B-COMPLETE™ for Canine

B-COMPLETE™ CANINE CRUSH is all about digestive health for canines!

B-COMPLETE™ is a 100% natural gut health supplement made from 100% whole green bananas, developed for the digestive health of canines.
Doesn’t your best friend deserve to feel their best?

It is important to look after your dog’s health, well-being and performance, and the most effective way to achieve this is through their diet. Adding a daily serving of B-COMPLETE™ Canine Crush Meal Topper can provide a broad range of health benefits for your dogs.

Let’s focus on Digestive Health

Originally developed for the equine industry, demand quickly grew amongst dog owners for a digestive health supplement equally effective as B-COMPLETE™ for horses.

As dried green bananas also offer great digestive health benefits for the canine species, Banana Feeds Australia responded by developing B-COMPLETE™ for dogs.

Whole green banana fiber acts as a prebiotic to favor the nourishment of beneficial microflora in the gut helping to retain a healthy microbiome, thus creating gut harmony!

As the gut is vitally important to whole body health including immune function, nutrient absorption and general wellbeing, maintaining a balanced microbiome is essential for optimal vitality and quality of life.


For pedigree breeding, show dogs, performance dogs, working dogs, and your most loved pet!

Add recommended amount to wet or dry feed daily. (1 level tablespoon equals approx. 7 grams)

  • 2-24 lbs dog: ½ – 1 tablespoon
  • 25-45 lbs dog: 2-3 tablespoons
  • 46-100 lbs dog: 3-4 tablespoons
  • 101-135 lbs dog: 5-6 tablespoons
  • 135 lbs+ dog: 6-8 tablespoons

B-COMPLETE™ is FeedSafe accredited and 100% natural, so exact measurements are less important than if you were feeding medications or other synthetic products.


Our little pooch is doing well on B-COMPLETE™. He suffers from itchy skin but it's clearing up now!

Louise Nicholson

We had tried everything and were about to go back to the vet until someone recommended B-COMPLETE™. Within a week our Golden Retrievers gut health was back to normal having been terrible for 6 months. No more messy poos! Now her coat and condition are also stunning. She also seems to not mind the texture and flavour. It was the only thing that helped us, and we give it to her every day and recommend it to everyone we know including her breeder.

Betty Moore

Our dogs have been on B-COMPLETE™ for two weeks now and already we have seen an improvement in gut health and now a new coat also coming through. A happy, healthy mind, body and coat starts with a healthy gut. With the dogs both being show dogs and performance dogs this is important to us. Thank you B-COMPLETE™!

Kirsty Post
Whoami Shetland Sheepdogs

The coat health on my German Shorthaired Pointer from using your product is simply insane.


My dogs & horses love your product! My shifty horse almost licked her bucket clean!


I love the B-COMPLETE™ supplement by Banana Feeds Australia. An all natural; supplement that assists with gut health, temperament and general well-being – which is so important in the care of your best friend. I would recommend the product to all dog and horse owners.


We have really noticed a difference since using your product, we can actually keep our great dane inside whilst we are watching the tele. No more horrendous smells clearing the room


Can not believe the difference B-COMPLETE™ has made to my greyhounds performance. Less anxious before races now, and no more runny poos before races, and they are winning! Recovery is better too!


Your product is amazing! I even recommended your product to the Bernese Mountain dog Club and to the breeder of Gally