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A 100% Natural Green Banana Supplement targeting gut health and performance of horses, dogs and bees.

B-COMPLETE™ is a highly regarded natural supplement designed to improve the performance, and overall well-being of equine and canine through advances in gut health.

It is made purely from Australian green bananas, and was developed using university research facilities and a series of rigorous testing regimes.

It is natural and safe, and even used within the bee industry for performance and hive-health.

Banana Feeds Australia is an 100% Australian owned and operated, innovative business, with manufacturing facilities based in Cairns, Queensland.

Founded in 2019, and launching its range of products in February 2020, Banana Feeds Australia’s product has grown in popularity and is now sold in numerous overseas markets. From champion thoroughbred trainers, Olympic eventers, world class polo clubs, world roping champions, world reknownd breeding studs, and everyone in between, B-COMPLETE™ has grown to be one of the newest, most innovative and most loved supplements to hit the market in decades. It has been a game changer!

In 2021, Banana Feeds Australia launched two new products, our B-COMPLETE™ Canine Crush, and our BEE-COMPLETE™ Powder for the supplementation of bee colonies and bee hive health.

Very quickly, the benefits of including 100% whole green bananas in the diets of horses, dogs, and even bees demonstrated some remarkable benefits to each species.

Sustainability produced

Banana Feeds Australia combines a sustainable and practical approach to develop its 100% natural supplement solutions for improving gut health by using green bananas that were otherwise destined to be waste.

Of critical importance to the business was ensuring that a world leading gut health supplement was developed in a sustainable manner. Having roots in the horticulture industry, Banana Feeds Australia wanted this success story to be a circular success story, and include the whole supply chain. Something we are very proud to have achieved.

With support from the Fight Food Waste CRC, from the Department of Trade and Investment Queensland, Banana Feeds Australia has always held our environmental, sustainability, and commercial goals aligned.

The Banana Feeds Australia manufacturing facility is a quality factory, which is run under a complete set of GMP principles, and our B-COMPLETE™ products are all Feed Safe Accredited.


Once established in Australia, Banana Feeds Australia invested time and resources in bringing its B-COMPLETE™ range to international markets with much success.

It is currently distributed in the following countries. For more information on how and where to find B-COMPLETE™ in these nations please contact us.

  • USA
  • UK
  • UAE

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