Retail Enquiries

B-COMPLETE™ Green Banana Supplements, by Banana Feeds Australia, are suitable for all equine, canine and for beehives and their bee colony health.

B-COMPLETE™ is sold in a variety of sizes and types.

B-COMPLETE™ is currently available through our US distributor, Durvet.

Globally, B-COMPLETE™ is currently available for purchase through our distributors across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, USA, UK, Ireland and the UAE.

Global Distributors include:
  • AIRR– Australian Independent Rural Retailers- Australia
  • Mano Equestrian Supplies, Singapore
  • Al Kaheel Equestrian Supplies, Dubai
  • Thoroughbred Distribution Limited, New Zealand
  • Durvet, United States of America
  • Ransley Hay, United Kingdom

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