Story Behind B-COMPLETE™

B-COMPLETE™ aims to solve two problems with a single product.

B-Complete was launched in 2019 by duo Robert Borsato, a third-generation banana grower, and John McArthur, who has two decades of experience in Australia’s horticultural industry.

B-COMPLETE™ was born out of their shared passion for horses and their awareness of the benefits of green bananas, and their understanding of an untapped alternative market for surplus Australian banana stock.

The health benefits of green bananas have long been recognised in humans and other species, and studies have identified that the antioxidant compounds and anti-ulcerogenic properties within green bananas are predominantly found in the peel.

By creating a product that uses every part of the banana, including the pulp, skin, stem and flower ends, B-COMPLETE™ can harness all of the nutritional benefits of green bananas.

While the company’s directors share a passion for horses, they originally come from outside the horse and pet industry, which they feel has been an advantage in developing a new supplement that aims to solve a persistent problem, poor animal gut health.

Both the equine and canine industries are screaming out for gut health solutions.

Studies show between 60-100% of horses suffer from gastric ulcers and horses of all ages and across almost all disciplines may be affected during their lifetime. Therefore the aim was to develop a product that is 100% natural, safe and effective, which can be sustainably used long-term to promote a healthy gut and optimum performance. This then extended beyond equine – to canine, which also suffers from many of the same problems that B-COMPLETE™ can offer relief from. At some point in the future this product will likely be relevant to human gut health.

The simple truth is that green bananas are a good source of insoluble fibre, phyto active molecules, potassium and naturally occurring calming compounds. The unripened fruit is vastly different to the high sugar content of ripened bananas, making antioxidant-rich green bananas an ideal choice for supporting gut health due to its actions on stabilizing the gut and improving digestion.

This stability within the gut promotes immune competence, countering bacterial, fungal, viral or parasitic challenges in all species. Green bananas have also been shown to have antimicrobial, hypoglycemic and antilithiatic properties.

This is all from a product that nature created and that B-COMPLETE™ brings to the market in a palatable form.

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