About B-COMPLETE™ for Equine

B-COMPLETE™ ELITE EQUINE SUPPLEMENT is all about equine gut health.

B-COMPLETE™ is a 100% natural gut health supplement made from 100% green bananas and is suitable for all types of horses and equine disciplines.

Horses are amazing animals and both financial and emotional investment in them is often high. Ensuring their health and performance is vital.

B-COMPLETE™ was originally developed with equine health in mind, with a focus on gut health, which can directly effect performance and temperament.

Palatable to the horses and easy to mix in with feed, B-COMPLETE™ is a safe, effective approach to equine whole gut health.

Explore the benefits of B-COMPLETE™ today!


The health benefits that derive from supplementary feeding of dried green banana are broad.

It’s all about Gut Health

Gut health is so important in the performance and well-being of all equine breeds and classes.

Whole green banana fiber acts as a pre-biotic to favor the nourishment of beneficial microflora in the gut helping to retain a healthy microbiome, thus creating gut harmony. B-COMPLETE™ naturally contains anti-inflammatory compounds such as Vitamin E and Vitamin C, found in green bananas. B-COMPLETE™ contains the electrolytes potassium and magnesium, nourishing your horse through periods of training, travel, exercise and high heat conditions.

Elite Performance, Naturally

At Banana Feeds Australia, we firmly believe that optimal nutrition begins with the abundant and unadulterated offerings of nature. With a dual passion for both fresh produce and equine health, we have worked closely with many collaborators and researchers within Australia’s best farming production areas to deliver a healthy and highly effective gut supplement made entirely from dried green bananas, to meet the critical demands of the modern performance horse.

How to use B-COMPLETE

B-COMPLETE™ is a 100% natural product, consisting only of whole dried green bananas, with no other fillers, additives or possible contaminated ingredients.

IT IS SAFE! It is HACCP Accredited and it is FeedSafe Accredited!

Recommended daily intake for a horse of an average weight of 1,100 lbs is 1 cup (approximately 100grams) per day. This may be varied depending on the animals’ individual circumstances, including an increase of 50% during times of heavy training.

B-COMPLETE™ is safe, so exact measurements are less important than if you were feeding synthetic products, another benefit of using B-COMPLETE™.

The scoop provided in each container, when slightly heaped, is approx. 100grams.

(The equivalent to a 250ml cup equals 100grams- it will vary due to the natural fluctuations in the product.)


I have just recently purchased my first warmblood, who is a beautiful 16hh blingy black, who I am just so excited to grow and compete with in the show hunter hack classes and step into the dressage ring. I also have a three year old riding pony mare, who I am slowly bringing on and breaking in and absolutely love the journey. I have a massive passion for horses.

I currently feed my horses the B-COMPLETE Supplement and have noticed significant changes in my horses, that being their temperament is outstanding, and their overall quality in their health is second to none. I have been recommending this product to anyone that asks what I feed, as I truly believe it is a fantastic product and the health and happiness of my horses is of the utmost importance.

Georgia Davey is 21 years old and competes in show horses, travelling Australia for Grand Nationals, Nationals, HOTY, and Royals.

Georgia Davey
Victoria, Australia

I have a 19 year old thoroughbred that is a chronic wind sucker, has head shaking syndrome and suffers from intermittent lameness.

Two weeks on B-COMPLETE™ and I am riding him again!

His coat is glowing, no head shaking and he has spring in his step.

I swear by this supplement!


B-COMPLETE™ has excellent results in improving horses gut health.

It's made from green bananas which contain beneficial vitamins, compounds and anti-oxidants with anti-ulcergenic properties that demonstrate huge benefits towards horse health.

It's my go-to supplement for the healing of hind ulcers.


Rodeo, show jumping, jump cross. Often competing for many consecutive weeks in a row over many disciplines. Not once have we had any issues with ulcers. B-COMPLETE™ is magic!

Young, old, big or small - the past few years we have used B-COMPLETE™ on all of our horses. Our youngstock thrive, our competition mounts maintain condition. B-COMPLETE™ has been the ultimate tool in our kit and essential for us.

Aria Ross

I love the B-COMPLETE™ supplement by Banana Feeds Australia. An all natural; supplement that assists with gut health, temperament and general well-being – which is so important in the care of your best friend. I would recommend the product to all dog and horse owners.


I have had my horse for all her ridden life (5 years). The entire time she has been sharp, often reactive, fussy and difficult. She is super feed sensitive and in spring needs to be locked entirely off the grass. I have tried so many supplements, ulcer medications, calmatives etc. and they may have helped but nothing significant. I started her on B-COMPLETE™ about 6 weeks ago and to say the difference is phenomenal is an understatement. She is relaxed, the tightness and fussiness, over reaction and general electric-ness has gone and she is happy and working in an entirely different way through her body. If you are thinking of using this product do it! I wish I had found it years ago.


We have seen a dramatic improvement in one of our ulcer prone horses using B-COMPLETE™. I would highly recommend it.


Amazing product. Body condition has improved, and it’s calmed our boy Red, so now he is a joy to ride.


My horse and dog love your product. My shifty horse almost licked her bucket clean.


Loving the product with our world cup showjumper. Great results.


I've been using B-COMPLETE on my show jumper, and he's changed a lot in the past month! The shine on him is incredible! His whole personality has changed, and he now works with me, it's great to see him so happy.


I’m wrapped with the results we are seeing with our Brumbies on B-COMPLETE™!


Our pony has been on B-COMPLETE™ for months now and is looking and working brilliantly. B-COMPLETE™ is an important part of our toolbox to success. We are loving the results!


Having a 9-year-old obsessed with playing polo, safety is my number one concern. B-COMPLETE™ has certainly made a difference in calming down his pony without taking away from his required energy. In addition, his coat and body condition has greatly improved. I am delighted to have found this product."


I have been using the B-COMPLETE™ supplement for about 6 months. This has been a complete game changer for my mare!